Government Jobs in the Field of Media

Media has developed as a powerful instrument in political, economic and social change not only in India, but all over the world as well. There is hardly any field that has not been covered or touched by media and it has its impact and presence in every sphere. As far as India is concerned, the scene of media has totally changed specifically in the past two decades with the new policy of globalization. According to a survey, there are around 300 private FM radio channels, 500 TV channels, 400 transmitters, 250 radio stations and 80000 periodicals and newspapers in India.

These cover almost the whole country with respect to reach, viewership and readership. From animation to journalism, network engineering to printing, media managers to creative writers and artists, large number of professionals will be required for the field of media in the near future. With a lot of responsibilities posing media people, personal qualities of prospective entrants in Media are much more essential than specific educational and professional degrees.
Educational degrees:
To begin with a career in media, candidates can take up degree or diploma courses in subjects like advertising & public relations, acting & production, media & film studies and journalism and mass communication. Some of the courses that can be taken up for a career in media are:
Advanced Diploma in Mass Media
Graduate Programme in Medial & Entertainment
Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication
Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication
UG Course in Mass Communication
PG course in Mass Communication
Post Graduate Diploma in Media Management
Post Graduate Diploma in TV Production & Direction
Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Journalism & Media Communication
Diploma in Digital Visual Media
Post Graduate Diploma in Media
Bachelor of Mass Media
Recent government job notifications:
Most of us think that media jobs are restricted only to private sector organizations, however public sector organizations do recruit candidates for the field of media and some of the organizations that recruited candidates for various positions related to media are given below:
Assistant Media Executive – Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity
Deputy Director (Media) – Ministry of Rural Development
Deputy Director (Media) – Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
Media Officer – Bureau of Energy Efficiency
Most of the government organizations recruiting candidates for the field of media, look for candidates with journalism and mass communication degrees.
Qualities required for succeeding in the field of media:
Some of the qualities required for succeeding in the field of media are:
Good communication skills
Determination to outsmart others
Determination to keep updated
Public relation orientation
Urge to meet knowledgeable people
Hard work
Open ears and eyes
These qualities can enable a person to shine in his/her career in the field of media and in addition to the aforesaid recent job notifications many government institutions offering courses related to media recruit appropriate talents in this field for offering the best quality education to future media professionals.

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